Monday, April 21, 2014

Cover Reveal: Explosive Dreams by Hadena James

Custom Cover Design by Covered Creatively

 Explosive Dreams
by Hadena James
Release Date: May 14, 2014

Bright midways, rides with loud music and flashing lights, barkers trying to get people to spend money on rigged games; the normal sounds of county fairs everywhere until an explosion rips through the tinny music of the carnival rides.  Now the screams are not the delightful squeals but the terrified shrieks of the dying.

The danger is no longer imaginary, something to shrug off when the ride is over.  A killer is studying each fair, looking for that special ride that will rain down the most horror.  The bombs he sets brings complete destruction.  They leave a dirty field covered in broken bodies and crumpled machinery.
The Serial Crimes Tracking Unit has their hands full searching for his next target and sifting through bodies.  Aislinn Cain is having trouble getting into the mindset of the bomber.  Her failure to relate makes the body count climb.  Then the unimaginable, a member of the SCTU gets cut down.  How far will Aislinn go to get justice for her fallen friend and catch the killer?